DIYers Sarah Boisjoli and Anthony Serignese (October 2015)

Sarah WeddingI used Sandy’s DIY wedding consulting service and literally could not have planned my wedding without her.

The island of Vieques is relatively remote and resources are limited. When after a few months I wasn’t getting anywhere with my wedding planning, I realized I needed to hire someone with an intimate knowledge of the island and the talented people living and working there if I was actually going to have a wedding. Sandy has that in spades!

Aside from her knowledge of the island, impeccable reputation and professionalism Sandy was able to translate my non-traditional wedding cluelessness into some of the best parties our friends and family have ever attended. Most importantly, she’s a straight shooter and will let you know when something is out of the question (because of the restrictions of planning a week-long event on a tiny island) and when something is close to impossible but then she’ll get it done anyway (a taco truck rehearsal dinner for example). Her communication was always on point and our events went off without a hitch!

Sarah Boisjoli and Anthony Serignese, DIY wedding clients of Sandy Malone Weddings & Events


Jaime Young and Lou Guerra (April 2015)

I apologize for this being thrJamie and Lou group on beach (1)ee months to write but life gets in the way sometimes! Lou and I can’t thank you all enough for the most amazing wedding that you all planned and made come to fruition. I have to say that your helpful packets sent before hand gave us such a detailed list of expectations and the to do list that you had us complete made this experience seem “seamless.” When we arrived on the island we were made to feel like we were family and continue to feel so. All of our guests still talk about this wedding being the most fun they have had in a long time and I attribute that to your expertise. Own it. You deserve it. We love you all like your our family and I think that is what sets you apart from all wedding planners anywhere…… I’m still jealous when someone else sets foot on that turf because you make it it so special and personal. When you are a client you are her “favorites” for the time being.. We love you all and can’t wait to book our anniversary trip back to Vieques!!!!! Live Love and Laughter to you all!! Xoxoxoxox

Jaime Young and Lou Guerra, married by Sandy Malone Weddings on April 11, 2015


Maya Sanchez-Rotunno and Javier Figueroa (May 2015)

Maya and Javier victor poseWhen we decided to have a destination wedding, we knew right away that we would need some help – my husband and I are both in surgical residency programs and work 80+ hours a week, not to mention we live in different states and nowhere near Vieques!

Sandy was fabulous when it came to working with our hectic schedules to find time for planning calls. We didn’t get to see the majority of the decor until the day of the wedding, but between emails and phone calls describing exactly what we wanted, she managed make our dreams into reality.

Once we were on the island, we were able to relax and enjoy our wedding without a worry in the world, since Sandy had everything taken care of – even the weather! (It rained on our wedding day right up until the time of the ceremony, but I didn’t even get anxious… Sandy and her team reassured me that my beach ceremony would be beautiful and it was; it wasn’t until after the wedding that I found out her team was tracking the storm with radar and found the perfect break in the rain to make our barefoot-on-our-favorite-beach dreams come true! 🙂

Maya Figueroa, married in a wedding planned by Sandy Malone on May 16, 2015


Shelly Traeder and Greg Glaeser (January 2015)

shelly and gregBEST WEDDING EVER!!! This is what my husband and I were told throughout the entire night from our 40+ guests at our destination wedding in Vieques, Puerto Rico. Sandy and her team by far exceeded our expectations. I was a little apprehensive to leave our wedding in someone else’s hands, especially having never visited the island before or meeting Sandy in person, but I can say without a doubt those worries disappeared the moment I stepped foot on the island and Sandy was there to greet us.

Upon arrival, Sandy was there every step of the way to make sure I wasn’t stressing too much and was also there to assist with the logistics of transportation arrangements for some of my friends and family arriving late the evening of our welcome party. She was always prepared to help with anything we needed, which certainly came in handy for a couple of small requests we had to call her about during our stay at the villa. She immediately came to the rescue.

Even from the early planning stages of our special day Sandy was very detailed and organized and was one step ahead of things. The whole process flowed nicely. She offered nothing but the best the island had to offer as far as choosing the venue, photographer, caterers, DJ, etc. With all choices made, her and the team executed the most fun three day event for us and our guests. She also had other great activity suggestions for our group to plan during our free time. Vieques is small, but it truly has a lot to offer. The gorgeous beaches and the infamous bio-bay speak for themselves… pictures alone do not capture the beauty of it all.

If you’re nervous like I was about having someone help plan your destination wedding, don’t be, enjoy the experience and take it all in! Sandy really knows and understands the business, and she will give you the perfect wedding that you’ll want to do all over again! I can’t thank her and the team enough!

Shelly Glaeser, married in a wedding planned by Sandy Malone on January 17, 2015


Jaclyn Perozze and Tim Kraft (November 2014) 

Jac and TimFrom the moment we were engaged, we knew that we wanted to be married in Vieques. When it came down to actually making that dream a reality, we entrusted Sandy & her team with the task. I spent a little over a year planning my wedding with Sandy.

A year is a long time to spend with someone through conference calls & emails but Sandy made it effortless. Every step of the way, she guided, reassured, then reassured again. I am, personally, not good a handing over the reins & relinquishing control to another person, but I always knew that I was in good hands. This became more true than ever when we needed to change our reception venue in the months leading up to the big day.

Instead of dropping the bomb, & letting me worry, Sandy came to me with the news… & the solution. Her recommended fix turned out to be better than we could have imagined (&an opportunity that never would have come about without her help). Fast forward through many more productive calls & emails to the wedding itself. Our wedding festivities opened with a welcome “happy hour” at a local bar. When the bar staff proved too lean to accommodate our crowd, Sandy put in a call to the owner who was onsite to support within minutes. The next day we had our beach party & Sandy & her team executed without fail, even making beer runs to replenish the beverages.

The true test came on our actual wedding day. The forecast called for rain, and lots of it. We did not plan for nor anticipate our BEACH wedding getting rained out (especially considering the island had been DRY for months leading up to our big day). Sandy followed my requests and waited until the last possible minute before informing me that we needed to execute Plan B. Luckily, Plan B went off without a hitch.

Our wedding was fabulous, beautiful, and the best time of our lives. 2 months later & people have been raving about it ever since. I wish this allowed me more space to share every detail of my experience but I have reached my word limit 🙁

Jacquie Kraft, married in a wedding planned by Sandy Malone on November 7, 2014


Courtney Lenane and Ryan Nieland (August 2014)

My husband and I are froCourtney Lenane and Ryan Nieland (August 6, 2014) 2m Iowa and we thought a destination wedding to Vieques would be perfect for us.  We had never been to the island and knew absolutely nothing about Vieques other than it was breathtakingly beautiful.  We decided to get married at the W Retreat and Spa – without a wedding planner.  As suggested by the W, we chose Sandy Malone to provide flowers for our special day.  Our flower was the ivory mini calla lily and Sandy made beautiful bouquets and boutonnieres wrapped with ivory lace.  The flowers were delivered to my room on time and the flowers held for the entire day.  Believe it or not, this is NOT why I fell in love with Sandy and her services!

This is why I fell in love with Sandy and her services.

One month before the wedding I contacted Sandy because my husband and I were having trouble figuring out how to obtain a marriage license in Puerto Rico.  For MONTHS my husband contacted locals, and called the demographic office for answers; however, there was so much conflicting information that I finally threw my hands in the air and asked for Sandy’s help.  Sandy knew exactly what needed to be done.  She had an easy-to-understand list of all the documents we needed to bring with us to the island in order to get married, she found us a minister, and after many weeks of dealing with the demographic office (which was to be closed the week of our wedding due to the staff taking a vacation) she set up an appointment for us to go pick up our marriage license.  As if that wasn’t enough, Sandy and one of her awesome interns picked my husband and I up at the resort and drove us to the demographic office; along the way she taught us about the island!  So now you’re thinking about how awesome Sandy Malone is, but WAIT!  THERE IS MORE!  Because of Sandy’s connections, our paperwork was done immediately and we were able to bypass the line.  While our paperwork was being processed, Sandy talked and laughed with my husband and I, which made the trip to the office enjoyable.  My husband and I are now just waiting on the marriage license to arrive in the mail, but it has been sent, and I know if anything goes wrong with regards to receiving it Sandy Malone will take care of it!

There is no doubt in my mind that without Sandy my husband and I would not have been legally married in Puerto Rico.  Both her and her team are amazing and I was honored to work with them!  I would highly recommend her to anyone getting married in Vieques.  As my mom says, “Sandy Malone: Extraordinaire!”

Courtney and Ryan Nieland, married in a wedding planned by Sandy Malone on August 6, 2014


Susan Caudill and Reece Kinnick (June 2014)

90964b5a6ad6749794c4e010d70847d6There are certain times in your life when you hope and pray everything goes “perfectly” and your wedding day (even if it’s not your first rodeo) is one of them.

Reece and I were struggling to unique destination venue that we could not only vacation to, but also include a small group of family and friends (9 of us total) and have them join us in a customized, intimate beach wedding that was “just ours.”  To say it in the simplest of words, Sandy Malone and her A-MAZ-ZING staff not only made my hubby and I feel like we were the only ones they were looking out for (from day 1), but literally made our dreams come true. Everything from the weather (I know Sandy put in a special request for the gorgeous day!), the ceremony, the beautiful flowers, Elliott and his wife Jillian the photographers, the cake (OMG the rum cake!! It should be illegal to be that good!) to my quirky hopscotch idea. And of course, the private wedding reception at Noche was the BEST food EVAAAAH!!!

I know that this is a business, but Sandy truly puts her heart and soul in to making your dreams (no matter how big or small) come true. I got to marry an amazing man on a gorgeous island because Sandy and her team listened to what we wanted and then made it happen. I can’t say thank you enough!

Susan Kinnick, married in a wedding planned by Sandy Malone on June 24, 2014.


Lindsay Giuffrida and Patrick Stanley (February 2014)

View More: say planning a wedding, let alone a destination wedding, is one of the most stressful things you do in your life. Thankfully for us we had Sandy and her crew to make our experience almost completely stress free!
Sandy walked us through every step of the process and let us know exactly what to expect. In our monthly phone calls she asked us questions about
the wedding that we never even thought about, and gave us plenty of time to make our decisions. By the time the wedding weekend came around, we were both calm and knew everything was under control and in good hands. During the festivities, Sandy and her crew were around to make sure everything ran smoothly, and anticipated and fixed any problems before they could even happen. Instead of having to run around and coordinate events during the weekend, we got to relax and enjoy our guests the entire time – in paradise! Vieques is a very special place to us both, as we have traveled there many times previously, and to be able to enjoy our wedding weekend as a vacation without having to worry about anything was priceless for us.

All of our guests had the time of their lives, and said that it was the most special, fun and memorable wedding they had ever attended. From the welcome party to the pig roast beach party, to the wedding and day-after brunch, it was unforgettable for everyone. The suggestions that Sandy made for our venue, ceremony music, DJ, flowers and decor for the wedding were spot on. The music was absolutely perfect. Sandy Malone and her entire team know how to get the job done, and will do whatever it takes to make the bride and groom completely happy throughout the entire celebration (even when there was a chance the groom wasn’t going to make it because of a snowstorm!). We couldn’t be happier that we got married on the beautiful island of Vieques and chose Weddings in Vieques to make it happen!

Lindsay Stanley, married in a wedding planned by Sandy Malone on February 16, 2014


Campbell Moore and William Gough (April 2013)

e6c237eb6f2a7d55284aab8d282f75a7 My husband and I did not want the big, traditional wedding. We wanted to elope to a favorite destination of ours, Vieques. We knew we wanted something intimate, fun, and easy for just the two of us. Sandy and her team provided exactly that plus some.

From our very first phone call I felt like mine was the only wedding she was planning. So many details, like my wedding bouquet, I had never even considered nor felt like I needed it. Sandy insisted and with Kelsey’s help, they made the most beautiful bouquet and boutonniere that really made our pictures “pop.” When I explained that my husband was going to wear a tuxedo rather than the typical linen pants and white shirt because he wanted to be different, they took it a step further. Knowing how laid back he and I are, when we pulled up to the beach the morning of our wedding, there was Sandy and her crew, dressed for the occasion, all wearing pink tuxedo t-shirts!

It was hilarious and such a memorable moment that again just highlights how special and one-of-a-kind they made our wedding. I know her team has put on probably 30 or more weddings since ours and they’ll put on hundreds in the future, but I feel like if I called them two years from now to say hello or ask a question, they would remember and treat us with the same kindness and attentiveness that they gave when it was our wedding. If you are looking for someone to make your wedding day exactly as you imagined it, Weddings in Vieques is the only way to go.

Campbell Gough married in a wedding planned by Sandy Malone on April 5, 2014


Sonia Kim and David Gadren (February 2013)

Sandy, Bill, and her team of profSonia & Davidessionals accomplished everything we dreamed without complaint, and without fail. They went above and beyond to ensure all of our events – from a Valentine’s Day welcome party, to a fire-lit dinner on the beach, to an extraordinary wedding at a private villa that will be talked about forever.

It’s no secret that Sandy went to the ends of the earth for us, even to ensure the safe transport of our 10-person crew to and from our private villa each night to keep us safe. Sandy and Bill their business. It took their professional expertise and their relationships to make this wedding happen. From the rose petals on the ground, to the one of a kind menu, to the romantic guitarist, an impeccable DJ, and yummy cupcakes, our friends will talk about this wedding for ages – and they all got the added bonus of a V-day getaway in one of the most pristine and primal places on American soil. If you’re reading this and think everything sounds perfect, it is and isn’t. This is not New York City. Electricity comes and goes. The roads are often perilous. Hot water is a precious commodity. But hire – and trust – Sandy and her team, and you will never believe how fantastic they can make this place for you and your wedding celebration. To top off this experience, we have made friends for life.

David Gadren, married in a wedding planned by Sandy Malone on February 16, 2103


Dwayne Byrum and Rodney Stroth (December 2012)

Coming up with all the appropriate adjedwayne & rodney20121112_06ctives and words to express how perfect and beautiful our wedding, our stay in Vieques, and our completely overwhelming satisfaction with Sandy and her team was is next to impossible. Sandy’s attention to every detail, no matter how large or small, and her unmatched management skills truly make her the miracle worker of weddings.

Not only will we re-hire Sandy again when we renew our vows in 5 years…if possible, I would hire Sandy to do each and every event I ever have no matter where in the world it would be. Standing ovation for Sandy Malone Weddings!

Dwayne Byrum, married in a wedding planned by Sandy Malone on December 12, 2012


Angela Marsh and Russell Barbara (April 2012)

 Oh my, what a magical day we had!

I began researching the possibility of a wedding in Vieques in 2010, and I contacted Sandy with a few questions. She warmly and promptly got back to me and was very helpful giving me a general idea of what to expect.  A year and a half later, we were finally ready to start planning this thing and I contacted her again.  She remembered me and we got to work right away.

Sandy is very upfront with you about the reality of wedding planning on that gorgeous little island, she will directly explain what is possible, yet somehow with her charm, makes you feel like anything is possible.  We are students and pretty much broke compared to most people, but she treated us as if we were VIPs.  She has tiered packages with basic services available, but within those choices, you will get A LOT of bang for your buck, and A LOT fewer headaches than if you chose to do everything yourselves.  Then you can choose her “add-ons”, extras a la carte, depending on how elaborate you’d like to get.  At no time did Sandy ever try to up-sell us on anything, and she even advised me NOT to spend money on certain things…how amazing is that?

Sandy will not only help you plan your wedding, but she will help you plan pretty much every aspect of your trip as well, including travel for you and your guests and where to stay.  Sandy was so supportive through every single step, and I have to say, this woman is hilarious.  She had me cracking up on every call, and she is even better in person.  She made me feel so special and never once did she make me feel like a crazy bride.  When we got to the island, she met us at the airport and had everything planned out to the hour–all the little details were taken care of for us and we were able to just settle in and relax.  There were was an awesome welcome basket waiting for us at our house, goodie bags delivered to our guests’ accommodations, quick, no-hassle marriage license (took less than one hour out of our day).  Her vendors and employees are just wonderful.  And how can i forget Sandy’s partner in crime, her husband, Bill.  What a cool dude, very supportive when we hit a snag with our rental car upon arrival, and was cheerful, helpful, and funny every time we saw him.

The day of the wedding is really where you see Sandy and company shine.  Everything was on time, delivered, and perfect.  Not a single problem.  She arranged a gorgeous spot for the ceremony on Sun Bay beach, an amazing reception dinner at a restaurant (where we had an entire outside space to ourselves), and a hilarious time doing karaoke and dancing on the Malecon.  My guests were happy the entire time and that meant so much to me to see them relaxing and enjoying themselves.

So much gratitude and love to Sandy Malone. She is so honest and you will probably come in under budget. Be patient, this is a tiny island after all, without access to all the resources of a bigger place.  That said they do a stunning job (I still have no idea how she managed things like our perfect wedding cake and the gorgeous flowers, they may seem like easy details but are no small feat on Vieques I am sure).  Unforgettable wedding, magical island. Get married in Vieques!  Do the Biobay tour, stay in an amazing villa, and hire Sandy if you want the best wedding ever.

Angela Barbara, married in a wedding planned by Sandy Malone on April 23, 2012


Dante Pestano and Patrick Ricci (April 2012)

 My partner and I of 10 years hired Sandy Malone to plan our wedding week on Vieques for about 40 guests. And we made the right decision!

Sandy, Bill and her staff were simply amazing! Our months of consultation with Sandy allowed us to concentrate on being creative while the logistical details of planning a wedding were handled flawlessly by Sandy and her team. Not only did she plan our wedding, they also planned our beach party with beautiful umbrellas, delicious pinchos, and the most amazing music by DJ Paul. Our guests were thoroughly enjoying themselves especially after the sangrias started to flow. It really was a beautiful beach party. Sandy and her team also planned two Biobay trips for our guests on the same night, and it was well coordinated that our guests were “WOWED” by the whole experience. And for the big day, Sandy and her team orchestrated the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen.

We were in tears seeing our creative ideas executed by Sandy flawlessly. The whole villa looked like a movie set, and we really felt like the stars of our big day. We can’t thank Sandy and her team enough for producing the most epic wedding held on Vieques in 2012!!!! Our friends and family may be calling Sandy soon for their events! And we will be using you again when we renew our vows!!!!

Dante Pestano, married in a wedding planned by Sandy Malone on April 4, 2012


Whitney Roundcount and Justin McIver (November 2011)

What else can we say, except that Sandy, Bill and the rest of the crew at Weddings in Vieques are top-notch professionals and hiring them was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

From the first time we talked to Sandy we could tell she knew her stuff. She was very straight-forward with us throughout the whole planning process, which made things go quickly and efficiently. We told her how much we wanted to spend, how many guests might attend (we ended up with 34) and she walked us through all our options. We loved the fact that we were able to “personalize” our destination wedding, because frankly, the cookie-cutter resort packages just didn’t appeal to us.

Once we arrived, we were greeted by the friendliest people and basically had Sandy on-call the whole time we were on the island. She was helpful without being intrusive, and there for us ANYTIME we needed anything. She even offered to track down a family member after our wedding was over to get his return plane tickets to him so we could enjoy a stress-free honeymoon.

If you’re the adventurous type, and decide to take the plunge by hiring Sandy Malone and inviting your family and close friends to spend a few days in an extraordinary island paradise – trust us, you will NOT be disappointed! One of our friends said during our wedding reception “It’s so beautiful – I feel like I’m in a movie!” …and we had to agree with her 100%. Thanks so much Sandy, Bill, and all our new friends on Vieques for giving us, our friends and our families the trip of a lifetime.

Justin and Whitney McIver, married in a wedding planned by Sandy Malone on November 12, 2011


 Jennifer Massuch and Ian Heskitt (February 2011) 

Jen's girlsThe first vacation that we took together was to San Juan, Puerto Rico in the fall of 2008, and we absolutely fell in love with the country. The weather, beaches, food, culture, and people in Puerto Rico made that short week one that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

When we got engaged, we both knew, almost instantaneously, that a destination wedding would be how we began our lives together. Who knew that planning a destination wedding for ourselves and a small group of family and friends would turn out to be just as stressful and nerve-racking as it would have been to plan a huge wedding here in Michigan! Right off the bat, Puerto Rico was in the forefront of both of our minds. We began surfing the net for resorts, B&Bs, beaches, pretty much anywhere in the more touristy areas of Puerto Rico that offer wedding services. The more and more we searched and planned, it seemed the more and more our initial plan of a small destination wedding was spinning out of control and into something totally what we didn’t want. This happened several times too! After little success finding a place in Puerto Rico that we felt was just right for us, we began searching other places. We looked into several places in Mexico, Florida, the Bahamas, and I think even Jamaica at some point. Finally, when we both were completely overwhelmed, and lost, we scrapped everything and restarted from square one.

It was at this time when we went back to looking into Puerto Rico again and came upon a web page simply titled “Sandy’s Wedding Planning Blog”. We had never heard of Vieques Island, but from what we gathered on Sandy’s web site, we knew it was right up our alley. After sitting at the computer for literally hours reading every single piece of information on the website, we knew that we had found our wedding location and just as importantly, our wedding planner! Sandy’s charm, wit, and charisma shows through positively in her blogs and before even speaking with her one the phone, we knew we were going to like her!

Now on to her wedding planning services. If there is such a thing, then Sandy is TRUELY an all-inclusive wedding planner! I mean, literally, there was not a single part of our planning process that if she did not take care of. Basically our jobs were to invite people and to get ourselves and our guests down there. Even when some of our guests made a mess of that, Sandy was prepared. Sandy’s method of planning is simple, yet very systematic. We couldn’t help but be a little curious as to how she would be able to plan our wedding and include our personalities in the celebrations, but after talking to her during our initial phone interview, she put all of our curiosity at ease. As the date grew nearer, Sandy was always right on point with what we had planned, what we still needed to do, and where we were financially.

Budget-wise, Sandy hit ours right on the spot. She was up front with what her service charges and never had any sort of hidden or unexpected costs. She routinely provided us with an updated budget of what stuff we had paid for and what we still owed, so it was very easy to keep track of the finance. She was very clear that whatever our budget was, she would be able to make the best out of it, and she sure did!

Finally, the time has come! Sandy was very candid in telling us that from the moment we stepped foot on the island, we were the guests of honor, and that she immediately became the only contact anyone would need for information, questions, and problems. Thank God for that because, well, let’s just say every wedding has its share of cards. Sandy was able to handle everything so perfectly that we still laugh and joke about it now.

Sandy works with a number of fantastic vendors and businesses, as well as employing her own staff of very hard-working and approachable people. Aside from our actual wedding ceremony and reception, we had two parties and a bioluminescent bay trip actually fully planned by Sandy. Her and her crew were always right on schedule and very well-prepared. The drinks were delicious and abundant, and the tacos were the best that I have ever had in my life!

Overall, Sandy and her team earned a solid 10/10 for their services. Sandy always made herself available during the entire five days on the island, and the whole celebration went off literally without a single hitch. Maybe a few self-inflicted wounds here and there, but nothing at the fault of the wedding planner. We could easily sit here and type all day recounting every experience and how perfect a job Sandy and her staff does, but this is where we will end it. If you are even remotely considering a destination wedding, please do yourself a favor and consider Sandy Malone. You will not be disappointed!

Jennifer and Ian Heskitt, married in a wedding planned by Sandy Malone on February 12, 2011


Rebecca Brattain and Rick Hochstetler (June 2010) 

We began planning our wedding over a year in advance. We knew we wanted a destination wedding, but weren’t sure where. What we didn’t want was a “cookie cutter” wedding at some big Caribbean resort, where we were just another wedding. We wanted an experience to remember for both us and our guests that reflected who we were as a couple. When we stumbled on Sandy’s blog, read her awesome insights on destination wedding planning (laced with a fantastic sense of humor!), read more about Vieques, and contacted a couple of her former clients and vendors (yes… we did our research), we absolutely knew Vieques was THE place and Sandy was THE planner. We signed our contract for our June, 5, 2010 wedding before ever visiting Vieques and having never met Sandy in person.

We took an opportunity in the spring of 2009 to take a long weekend trip and visit Vieques. Despite the fact that Sandy was executing a wedding on the island the weekend we visited, she helped us plan our “planning trip”, set us up for dinner at a few places to try potential catering options, set us up for tours of the Bioluminescent bay, met us for lunch, toured us around the island, showed us several wedding and reception options and made us feel like we were her only priority. Now that we know what really goes into executing a wedding on Vieques – I’m even more amazed that she was so attentive to us when she had a wedding on the island!

During the year leading up to our wedding, Sandy was methodical. She kept us on track to make decisions on catering, flowers, music, etc. In addition to having careers that keep us incredibly busy, we are both triathletes with demanding training schedules, so really didn’t have the time or mental energy to devote to wedding planning. Sandy made it easy. Even when she and her husband had some personal issues to deal with a few months before our wedding, Sandy remained incredibly accountable. She didn’t let a single ball drop.

Sandy and her staff are truly FULL SERVICE. They provided travel packets to send our guests with detailed travel instructions, wrote welcome packets for our guests to help make the logistics of the wedding weekend run smoothly – and delivered the packets to every accommodation on the island where we had guests staying. She made dinner reservations for us and our families the week of our wedding, scheduled manis/pedis for my girls the morning of the wedding, arranged for lunch to be delivered the day of the wedding, scheduled the vendors, handled the logistics, and enabled us to simply “show up” at our own wedding.

Sandy was the single point of contact for all of our guests for any and all issues they may encounter, from travel issues from San Juan to getting lost on the island. Sandy’s staff was able to negotiate to get Rick’s family (all 23 of them!) on the Ferry from Fajardo when they were having trouble getting tickets, and was able to get them all seats on chartered airplanes to return to San Juan after the wedding when they decided they’d rather take the puddle jumper back than the ferry.

We enjoyed every minute of the week on the island leading up to our wedding, relaxing on the beach, snorkeling with friends, hanging out at the local watering holes, and just relishing every minute. Not having to deal with last minute details, vendors, logistics and snafus – and being able to relax and truly enjoy this special time with family, friends, and each other, knowing that the wedding of our dreams was being executed for us, was absolutely PRICELESS!

All of our guests are still raving about the entire weekend, from the Welcome Party at Belle Vista Villa, to the Pig Roast/Beach Party at Sun Bay, to the wedding on June 5, 2010 on the rooftop of Quinta Jabali, overlooking the coastline. We’ve said many times in the past 2 months since the wedding that we couldn’t have dreamt up the wedding weekend if we tried. Thanks to Sandy, her husband Bill and her amazing staff – we have memories to last a lifetime.


 Becky & Rick Hochstetler, married in a wedding planned by Sandy Malone on June 5, 2010


Adrienne Aguirre and Alvaro Mangual (April 2010)

Adrienne Aguirre and Alvaro Mangual (April 17, 2010)We wanted to have our destination wedding in a place that was meaningful and unique and the first place that came to mind was Vieques. The thought of planning a wedding on a remote island all the way from Texas was overwhelming. After a quick search online, I found Sandy’s website and could not have been happier at finding a professional wedding planner on Vieques!

Truth be told, I didn’t shop around for other wedding planners because after talking to Sandy on the phone I was certain she was the right person to hire to help us plan our wedding. Sandy was very efficient with our time on the phone and didn’t skip a beat with any of the details. One of the first tasks was finding a venue for the wedding and after being only lukewarm at some of the places she first showed us, we were having a hard time figuring out how it would all work logistically.

Once she heard our concerns about renting a villa she suggested a newly constructed place called Quinta Jabali. It was a one bedroom villa (perfect for us because we didn’t want to share a house) and it had an AMAZING view of the island and ocean. She knew that once we saw the pictures we would love it. She was not wrong! We loved it and couldn’t wait to have our wedding reception there.

On the actual wedding day we didn’t worry about a thing. If any issues came up, we never knew about them because as Sandy told us more than once “You are the guests of honor!” I didn’t have any specific ideas for decorations for the reception but I knew I wanted to keep it simple. Sandy gave me a few ideas and helped me decide and I was SO happy with the way everything turned out. Sandy was efficient, honest, direct, and extremely knowledgeable about planning a stress-free destination wedding. The entire team was so kind to us and all of our guests. Thank you Sandy (and Bill and the rest of the WIV team) for helping us plan our perfect wedding weekend! We had the time of our lives!

Adrienne and Alvaro Mangual, married in a wedding planned by Sandy Malone on April 17, 2010


Brianna Grant and Matthew Rothman (November 2009) 


Once upon a time on a faraway island called Vieques lived a wedding planner named Sandy Malone and her beautiful staff of Weddings in Vieques. Who we can’t thank enough for putting together the most beautiful wedding we have ever seen.

We had been dating for five years before getting engaged and we had always thought we knew what kind of wedding we wanted to have, however this type of wedding had never crossed our minds because we had never seen anything quite like it before. From the beautiful tropically colored flowers, to the delicious food with a Caribbean flair to the magnificent backdrop of the ocean and stars, it was beyond perfect. The wedding we thought was something we never could afford was actually ours for a brief moment in time.

We had worked with Sandy for two years scheduling numerous conference calls and sorting through tons of emails at home in Maine. We had a vision of what we’d wanted but it ended up being completely different in a very amazing way. Sandy listened to every detail and gave it her own beautiful flair.

We arrived on the island a week before the wedding and were greeted by Sandy and her staff and a wonderful welcome basket with all sorts of goodies to fuel us for the long week ahead. They handed us copies of our itinerary to help keep us all on schedule that week, very helpful we must add. Our events for our guests included a spectacular welcome party at Al’s Mar Azul the Thursday before the wedding, complete with yummy foods and drinks a plenty. The next day instead of a traditional rehearsal Sandy gave us the idea of having a beach party where all of our guests were welcome.

The party was at Sun Bay with AMAZING food and Sandy’s staff set up all sorts of bright beach umbrellas that dotted the beach preventing any of us from getting nasty sunburns that day before the wedding. We were also treated to water toys and endless amounts of the most delicious margaritas and Medalla! Our guests couldn’t believe what a great party was thrown that day on the beach. It makes us smile every time we think of that day. Later in the evening we arranged to have everyone take tours of the famous Bio Bay. Even though we have been twice before the third time really was the charm. Again, great memories.

Oh did we forget to mention a huge glitch in our story???

Our photographer called us Tuesday night while we were enjoying a dinner at to tell us she had Swine Flu and couldn’t get on the plane the next day. Bri cried, obviously, and Matt got on the phone with Sandy and she promised to try and resolve the problem. Within hours she had not only found us a replacement photographer at a steal of a price but also a videographer! Sandy made miracles happen that night when she got her friends to the island just in time for our big day!

The wedding day was picturesque, we were staying in a very posh beach front villa with views of Puerto Rico and the turquoise ocean. Sandy and her staff decorated the villa with daisies, coral roses and starfish. The grounds also added to the lush decor. Our guests were so impressed with the delicious buffet and mouthwatering cupcakes they still rave about the food to this day!

Like any wedding, there were events that occurred unexpectedly that you really can’t plan for and have no control over but luckily Sandy got us around those issues so we could enjoy ourselves and spend some time with our families.

We can’t thank her team enough for all their hard work and dedication to our special day. The island holds a dear place in our hearts and we know we have some really great friends there too.

And we’re living happily ever after.

Much Love,

Brianna and Matt Rothman, married in a wedding planned by Sandy Malone on November 7, 2009


Mia Melendez and Ira Hoffman (July 2009) 

Mia weddingOn July 4th, 2009 my husband Ira and myself said our vows on the beautiful island of Vieques, Puerto Rico. It was truly the wedding of our dreams. I’m writing this message almost 6 months after that special day and the memories continue to fill me with such happiness. Sandy Malone and her team made that special week possible.

Sandy is passionate about the attention to details and during my year long planning process helped me plan for many things that I would not have even thought about. Ira and I are frequent visitors to Vieques but there were still great insights that Sandy provided that assisted us in banging out the details of the many events that we had for our guests. Throughout the 4th of July weekend, our 50 guests were treated to a Welcome event at a Casa de Luz Villa, a Beach Party at Sun Bay and the main event and reception at the Hix Island House.

Our friends and family continue to talk about the beauty of the locations of these events and also how amazing the food and drinks were.

From the food to the decor, Sandy and her team pulled everything together flawlessly. And from the moment Ira and I stepped foot on the island, we had nothing to do but enjoy the festivities and the time with our guests.

Sandy also was completely upfront with costs and kept us informed of our budget and where we stood. In the end we came in under budget!

I do need to say that Sandy has a big personality and is more NY & DC than Caribbean Cool. But she will tell you like it is and I could appreciate that. Several days after the wedding, Sandy was having an event on the beach for her crew and vendors and she invited the remainder of our family and friends who were still on the island to attend. How generous!!! We had just as much fun at that event than at the other wedding weekend events. Thank you Sandy!

Overall I would definitely recommend Sandy Malone and her team to assist other couples in having the wedding of their dreams. I would not have changed a thing about that amazing week! The memories will last a life time. Looking forward to our next visit to Vieques!

 Mia Melendez and Ira Hoffman, married in a wedding planned by Sandy Malone on July 4, 2009


TJ Tate and Scott Warner (June 2008)

Dear Sandy and Bill, We DID IT!!!! And you guys made it all happen. Scott and I chose to elope in paradise and Vieques was just perfect. Sandy and Bill left us with no worries at all and perfect advice. They took care of everything from the perfect hotel, dinner reservations, fun in the sun plans and the perfect wedding day. Sandy did not make us feel as if an elopement was any less of a big deal than a 200 person wedding. My flowers were beautiful, our in room massages, had us perfectly relaxed and Playa Grande was the BEST wedding spot in the world. Sandy came more than prepared with her “extra large” bag of wedding day preparedness kit. I thought it would be difficult to plan a wedding from far away but it was completely effortless. Sandy and Bill know the ins and outs of the island, the people and how to make everything flow with ease. Trust me, whatever they suggest…listen. They know what they are talking about. Everywhere we went on the island people said “Oh you guys are Sandy’s wedding couple!!! Congrats and have a drink on the house!!!” We felt surrounded by love from the whole island. Our last night in town, we had dinner with Sandy and Bill and it was the perfect end to a perfect elopement. Not only did we have the perfect wedding thanks to Sandy and Bill but we have made lasting friends. If any of you future brides out there want a reference, ask Sandy for my information. I will talk you ear off about the perfect place that is Vieques and perfect planners that are Sandy and Bill. All our Love and Best. We will be back to visit our new friends sooner than later.

TJ Warner, married in a wedding planned by Sandy Malone on June 14, 2008


Sarah McKeon and Gregory Lehrer (May 2008)

sarahWe had the wedding of our dreams on Vieques – and it was all thanks to Sandy Malone and her awesome husband, Bill.

When we started talking about having a destination wedding, we didn’t know what island we wanted to go to but we had 3 criteria – it couldn’t be at a super resort, we had to be able to customize every aspect of the day to our liking, and we wanted to be married on a beach. So we hit the web and happened upon the Sandy’s website. We liked what we saw and sent in a web inquiry on a Sunday afternoon. To our surprise, Sandy called us THAT NIGHT – honestly who works on Sunday??? Sandy does – and she makes her commitment to her job evident with all of the beautiful things she does for her brides.

We had a small budget to work with and a rather large guest list for a destination wedding, and Sandy kept everything realistic for us – she told us what was possible and what was absolutely out of the question. She still managed to give us options for everything – simply because she’s got connections and knows how to get deals for and from everyone. She’s very business savvy and managed to take our tiny budget and turn our event into the talk of the island. Even our friends and family, who have been wowed by New York/New Jersey weddings all their lives were blown away and we were told, more than once, that our wedding was the best they’d ever been to. Thanks Sandy!!!

Just like every other happily married bride, I could go on for a million years about how wonderful my wedding was. What I want to get across is that Sandy made my day and my planning so stress free that I made myself break out in hives because I was worried about all the stuff I DID NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT!!!! Yes, I’m a control freak – but nothing about my wedding went wrong and my only concerns that day were waking up, getting to the hairdresser on time, and making myself pretty for the pictures.

Sandy and Bill truly go above and beyond the call of duty. The day after our wedding, they even helped out some of our guests who were having trouble getting off Vieques on time to catch flights in San Juan. The ferry was having mechanical problems, and Sandy managed to get a last minute chartered flight to San Juan for 16 of our guests. Bill even met our guests at the airport to make sure everything went smoothly. Sandy and Bill did all this without complaint even though they had another wedding group arriving that day. The two of them are an amazing team!

If we had to do this all over again, there is nothing we would have changed. Our guests all had an awesome vacation and a fabulous party and we have tons of great memories that will last a lifetime. If you’re looking for a unique wedding experience, look no further than Sandy Malone Weddings!

Sarah McKeon, married in a wedding planned by Sandy Malone on May 17, 2008


Andrea Kennedy and Joerg Tilly (November 2007)

We were entertaining the thought of a small Texas Hill Country wedding when we were inspired at the last minute to go somewhere tropical and exotic. Since my sons, which did not have passports, were attending the ceremony, we needed to limit down our destinations to US territories. We had checked out the main island of Puerto Rico but came across Vieques by chance. Next thing – we were booking a flight and making arrangements and were calling around for lodging, wedding planner, photography, etc.

We came across contact information for Sandy and called her desperately seeking her help due to the closeness of our arrival. She contacted our lodging and arranged for us to stay at a gorgeous guest house while coordinating for us our minister and photographer for the wedding. The next week we were there and everything went smooth. Her recommendations for the minister were awesome – very sweet person who also showed us around some of the beaches and helped us with the marriage license part before the ceremony.

The photographer was very nice and very professional – who did a wonderful job considering our young boys running every which way all over the beach. We had a wonderful experience and without Sandy‘s help – it would have been very difficult to know where to go and who to contact from here. She helped make our stay very comfortable and hospitable through her recommendation for our guest house alone – the two owners couldn’t have been more nice or helpful.

Thank you again for all of your help!

Andrea Tilly, married in a wedding planned by Sandy Malone on November 21, 2007