Wedding 101 – To DIY or Not to DIY – Make the Decision and Stick to It! Sandy’s Blog in Monsters and Critics


Have you decided yet?

It’s not for everyone, but for brides and grooms who are craftier than most, or really want to absorb some of the wedding expenses, DIY is the way to go. If you do it, commit to it. (more…)

DIY Tutorial – How to De-Petal Roses Properly for Wedding Décor and the Aisle – an Intern Olympics Event!


Everything always looks easier than it actually is, but if you know how to do it properly, it’s a lot easier.

It’s always cheaper to buy roses by the bunch and take the petals off of them than to buy them by the bag. They won’t be as fresh and they won’t last as long. If you’re planning to stuff vases with them or put them on tables, it’s extra important for them to appear beautiful and fluffy and healthy! (more…)

DIY Tutorial – How to Make Bouquets – an Intern Olympics Event!


Hi Everybody!

Making your wedding bouquet can be very romantic, but you want to make sure you know what you’re doing in advance. You have to practice anything you’re going to DIY that you’ve never done before.

Check out this fun Intern Olympics video tutorial which tricks for using flower tape, wire ties and other little things we’ve found to make the process easier and the bouquets prettier! (more…)

Do You Have an EMS Plan for Your Destination Wedding? Can You Call 911? – Sandy’s Blog in The Huffington Post


Dial 911!

Oh wait, you can’t dial 911 for emergencies EVERYWHERE! And if you’re planning your own destination wedding, you have to be prepared for literally any eventuality.

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For a more serious explanation of the problem (more…)

“Destination Wedding” Doesn’t Mean You Have to Fly Far Away – A Planner’s Search for Cool Venues near Washington, DC! – Sandy’s Blog in The Huffington Post


Hello Hopeful Destination Wedding Brides and Grooms!

If you have family who can’t travel but you really want to have your wedding feel far, far away, there are fabulous venues near Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD, that would totally fit the bill. (more…)

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