Our Brides Jael and Rachel Made #1 Spot on the HuffPost’s Best REAL Weddings


Jael and Rachel were supposed to get married in October, but Uncle Sam had other ideas. Rachel’s military unit is going to be deployed this summer, so the girls had to push up their wedding date to May 10th! One of their fantastic wedding pictures snagged the number one spot on the top of The Huffington Post’s “Best REAL Wedding Pics” and we couldn’t be prouder. Check it out!

Wedding by Sandy Malone Weddings. Picture by River Karmen Photography.
Wedding by Sandy Malone Weddings. Picture by River Karmen Photography.


Thou Shalt Not! 4 Things Wedding Guests Shouldn’t Do – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


Summer is almost here!

Everybody knows that summer is a popular time for weddings – the legend of the “June bride” is no myth. But there are some things that wedding guests have been known to do during the hot weather that nobody would ever dream of doing other times of year. And just because you can do them, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. (more…)

Did You Even Know That It’s National Police Week?


Blue Line FlagAuthors Note: Originally, I wrote this blog for a major publication that has published my columns for years, but they didn’t print it. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions as to why. Although it won’t get as much exposure here on my own page, I decided to post it anyway. I hope our law enforcement family will share it far and wide. Thank you. #BlueLivesMatter

This week is National Police Week. Every year, May 15th is formally known as National Peace Officers Memorial Day, and law enforcement from literally all over the globe comes to Washington, DC, to celebrate – and mourn – together. Did you even know this holiday existed? Probably not. Because traditionally, law enforcement does not ask the general public to celebrate their very existence. Perhaps it’s time for that to change. (more…)

How Many Times Should You Confirm Wedding Vendors? – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


I’d say that you can’t confirm your vendors too many times, but you don’t want to aggravate them to the point where they’re not excited to work hard for your wedding. With that said, you do need to confirm EVERYBODY several times in order to ensure that all of your vendors are where they’re supposed to be, when they’re supposed to be there. (more…)

The Cost of Cancelling a Wedding Is More Than Mental – Sandy’s Blog in The Huffington Post


While you’re probably only thinking about the emotional toll cancelling a wedding you’ve planned will take, it’s important to know how much you’re going to lose in dollars, as well. Especially if there are deadlines in play that mean you might have to pay full balances if you’re too close to your date.

Read my blog in today’s Huffington Post BEFORE you decide to call it off – make sure you know the consequences and do your best to mitigate them. Cancelling a wedding is painful enough without hitting your pocketbook too. (more…)

Bridal Game Face: Why It’s Soooo Important on Your Wedding Day – Wedding Reality Check with Sandy Malone Podcast


You know the expression, “when you smile, the whole world smiles with you?” Yeah, well it’s doubly important for your wedding day. Something may go wrong – no, something will go wrong – and you have to be prepared to smile right on through the problem and keep encouraging your guests to have a good time. Wedding Reality Check logo2

Let down your bridal game face for just a minute, and you’ll be surprised how fast you’ll kill your own party. Listen to my newest podcast today for an even better explanation!

Good luck on your wedding day. Until next time, happy wedding planning from Sandy Malone Weddings & Events!


5 Ways Mother of the Bride Can Help Reduce Her Daughter’s Stress – Wedding Reality Check Podcast


Alrighty moms, listen up!

Not only can you do things to help your daughter, but you can actually reduce her overall wedding planning stress level if you simply take some advice from my Wedding Reality Check with Sandy Malone podcast! Just click here for a super-quick review of some best practices that you should try to follow! (more…)

Primer on Who Gets to Bring a Plus-One to Your Wedding – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


It’s #MannersMonday! And that means a good dose of wediquette about something that’s a problem for lots of brides and grooms. Your single friends don’t like to go stag to weddings, but can you afford to let EVERYBODY invite somebody random to attend your most important day? (more…)

Consider Cost of Travel for Destination Wedding Guests on the Front End — Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


Most destination weddings don’t actually cost your guests any more than it would cost any out-of-town guest to travel to a wedding in your hometown. But it’s important to research it before you lock in your venue contract and start sending invitations! Check out my BRIDES blog today for some tips! (more…)

Beard Advice: Don’t Shave at the Last Minute Before Your Wedding – Sandy’s Blog in The Huffington Post


Hey there! This blog is for the gentlemen in my audience.

I’ve seen too many grooms alter their facial hair the day of the wedding to keep silent any longer!!! If you know you’re going to want a bare face on your wedding day, you have to shave ahead of time to make sure the skin is all the same color, or you’re going to look ridiculous. (more…)

True Life Bridezilla Horror Story: How Not to Make Memories on Your Wedding Day – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


Hello Ladies!

Every once in awhile, I share some really awful true-life stories so that other brides can avoid repeating their predecessors mistakes. Today’s blog in BRIDES is a true story about a bride who flipped when the groom botched their first dance – a total must read so that you don’t make those sort of memories on your own big day. (more…)

New “Wedding Reality Check” Podcast – Back Off Mom, This Isn’t Your Wedding!


While your mom can be the best advocate you have during your wedding planning, you also have to remember that she sort got screwed when it came to getting to plan your wedding. Times have changed, and when she got married, her parents planned her wedding. Now brides and grooms want to do the bulk of their own planning!

Download and listen to my newest podcast today on “Wedding Reality Check with Sandy Malone” and consider how to include your mom and manage her expectations at the same time! Subscribe to the podcast series for new wedding advice every Tuesday and Wednesday! (more…)

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