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What Wedding Guests Hate – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


You might wonder why I consider myself an expert on wedding guests satisfaction – or in this case, dissatisfaction. In truth, my knowledge comes entirely from feedback I’ve received, and conversations I’ve overheard, at the more than 500 weddings I’ve planned.

Sure, there are people who nitpick. But most of the time, we hear the same complaints from guests, over and over again. I warn my brides and grooms about those potential pitfalls when we’re planning together, but that doesn’t stop some couples from repeating the mistakes of others. (more…)

What You Should Know About Your Responsibility for Your Wedding Guests – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


Hi there!

Most brides and grooms don’t think about the responsibility they have for the way that everybody they invite to their wedding behaves at the main event! But “accidents happen” on a regular basis, and that’s why most venues (and many wedding vendors) require clients to sign a damage and liability agreement as part of the contractual process.

Check out my BRIDES blog today for a breakdown of what you can expect to see in your own wedding contracts, and a little reality check for any of the couples out there who didn’t realize that they’d better use good judgement when they make up their guests’ lists.

Good luck, and happy wedding planning!

Get Brutal – How to Slash Your Wedding Guest List to Meet Your Budget – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


Did you just get engaged? Save yourself a headache and don’t discuss your wedding plans with your friends and family over the holiday weekend.

Making, and cutting, a wedding guest list is a vicious, brutal process. But there’s a way to tackle it, described in my BRIDES blog today, that makes it a fairly scientific process. More importantly, it will help you accomplish your goal of axing a bunch of people who really do not need to receive invitations. (more…)