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What You Should Know About Your Responsibility for Your Wedding Guests – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


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Most brides and grooms don’t think about the responsibility they have for the way that everybody they invite to their wedding behaves at the main event! But “accidents happen” on a regular basis, and that’s why most venues (and many wedding vendors) require clients to sign a damage and liability agreement as part of the contractual process.

Check out my BRIDES blog today for a breakdown of what you can expect to see in your own wedding contracts, and a little reality check for any of the couples out there who didn’t realize that they’d better use good judgement when they make up their guests’ lists.

Good luck, and happy wedding planning!

Thou Shalt Not! 4 Things Wedding Guests Shouldn’t Do – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


Summer is almost here!

Everybody knows that summer is a popular time for weddings – the legend of the “June bride” is no myth. But there are some things that wedding guests have been known to do during the hot weather that nobody would ever dream of doing other times of year. And just because you can do them, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. (more…)

The Cost of Cancelling a Wedding Is More Than Mental – Sandy’s Blog in The Huffington Post


While you’re probably only thinking about the emotional toll cancelling a wedding you’ve planned will take, it’s important to know how much you’re going to lose in dollars, as well. Especially if there are deadlines in play that mean you might have to pay full balances if you’re too close to your date.

Read my blog in today’s Huffington Post BEFORE you decide to call it off – make sure you know the consequences and do your best to mitigate them. Cancelling a wedding is painful enough without hitting your pocketbook too. (more…)

Bridal Game Face: Why It’s Soooo Important on Your Wedding Day – Wedding Reality Check with Sandy Malone Podcast


You know the expression, “when you smile, the whole world smiles with you?” Yeah, well it’s doubly important for your wedding day. Something may go wrong – no, something will go wrong – and you have to be prepared to smile right on through the problem and keep encouraging your guests to have a good time. Wedding Reality Check logo2

Let down your bridal game face for just a minute, and you’ll be surprised how fast you’ll kill your own party. Listen to my newest podcast today for an even better explanation!

Good luck on your wedding day. Until next time, happy wedding planning from Sandy Malone Weddings & Events!


True Life Bridezilla Horror Story: How Not to Make Memories on Your Wedding Day – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


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Every once in awhile, I share some really awful true-life stories so that other brides can avoid repeating their predecessors mistakes. Today’s blog in BRIDES is a true story about a bride who flipped when the groom botched their first dance – a total must read so that you don’t make those sort of memories on your own big day. (more…)

5 Things the Mother of the Bride Should NEVER Say to Her Daughter – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


This blog is for all the moms out there!

Wedding planning is a time when normally calm, cool and collected brides may start to act a little squirrely, or completely stress out. As a mom, your job is to be supportive, be a sounding board, and help her calm down when she’s making a mountain out of a molehill. With that said, our moms know how to push our buttons better than anybody, and you have to fight that urge when your daughter has her Bridezilla moments. Otherwise, you might say one of the things in my BRIDES blog that you’ll probably regret. (more…)

Does Your Fiance Have to Like the Girls in Your Wedding Party? – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


It happens.

We all have friends that our significant others tolerate but would prefer not to spend extended periods of time with. But then there are those friends that our partners just cannot stand. What do you do when one of your besties is on the persona non grata with your fiancé, but you want her to be a bridesmaid? See my BRIDES blog with some advice on achieving a workable balance. (more…)

Parents Divorced? 5 Tips for Avoiding Wedding Day Drama — Sandy’s Blog in The Huffington Post


Some brides and groom really dread what could happen between their parents on the big day. Even worse, if two unhappily divorced people have to spend several days together someplace else for a destination wedding. (more…)