Wedding Budget

Another Great Endorsement of Sandy’s DIY Wedding Planning Book by an Industry Pro


I’ve always been an admirer of Lisa, famous for her “A Bride on a Budget” blogs. Probably because they go so nicely with my philosophy that it’s possible to have a gorgeous wedding without spending a zillion dollars. And because I was the original DIY bride for my own destination wedding, long before I became a professional wedding planner. (more…)

Get Brutal – How to Slash Your Wedding Guest List to Meet Your Budget – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


Did you just get engaged? Save yourself a headache and don’t discuss your wedding plans with your friends and family over the holiday weekend.

Making, and cutting, a wedding guest list is a vicious, brutal process. But there’s a way to tackle it, described in my BRIDES blog today, that makes it a fairly scientific process. More importantly, it will help you accomplish your goal of axing a bunch of people who really do not need to receive invitations. (more…)