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5 Things Mom Should Have for Her Daughter’s Wedding – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


The Mother of the Bride is a VIP at her daughter’s wedding, but she still has to be a mom. Who else will know the bride’s tummy tends to go funny on stressful days, or that she gets DANGEROUSLY grumpy when her blood sugar gets low. You can’t count on the bridesmaids that day – they’re drinking mimosas with the brides. (more…)

5 Ways Mother of the Bride Can Help Reduce Her Daughter’s Stress – Wedding Reality Check Podcast


Alrighty moms, listen up!

Not only can you do things to help your daughter, but you can actually reduce her overall wedding planning stress level if you simply take some advice from my Wedding Reality Check with Sandy Malone podcast! Just click here for a super-quick review of some best practices that you should try to follow! (more…)

5 Things the Mother of the Bride Should NEVER Say to Her Daughter – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


This blog is for all the moms out there!

Wedding planning is a time when normally calm, cool and collected brides may start to act a little squirrely, or completely stress out. As a mom, your job is to be supportive, be a sounding board, and help her calm down when she’s making a mountain out of a molehill. With that said, our moms know how to push our buttons better than anybody, and you have to fight that urge when your daughter has her Bridezilla moments. Otherwise, you might say one of the things in my BRIDES blog that you’ll probably regret. (more…)

Sometimes It Can Be to Your Advantage to Let Mom Plan Your Wedding – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


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Many brides worry about their mom trying to “take over” the wedding planning. But for brides and grooms who are busy professionals, having a mother willing to take over the heavy lifting can be a blessing. Especially if your mother has a talent for throwing amazing parties. Before you decide I’m crazy, read my BRIDES blog that talks about the plus-side of putting your mother (or his) in charge! (more…)

Tips for Helping the Mother of the Bride Make a Perfect Toast – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


How to Get Your Mom’s Wedding Planning Help without Her Taking Over – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


Hi there brides!!!

Sometimes a mom can get a little over-excited when she’s helping plan her daughter’s wedding. If the bride wants to plan it herself, things can get dicey. Especially when mom feels like she got screwed out of wedding planning because her own parents planned her wedding and she always thought she would plan her daughter’s wedding some day. Check out my BRIDES blog with some advice on how to handle things so nobody’s feelings get hurt. (more…)