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Take an Engagement Honeymoon – Don’t Rush Wedding Planning


Happy New Year Everybody!

What’s my New Year’s resolution? I’m going to write more for my own blog. I’ve been so busy writing for The Huffington Post and BRIDES that I don’t often sit down and just write for my site anymore. And I miss that. And while I love being a contributor to those worthy sites, writing for myself is a lot more fun. I’m continuing to blog for Huff and BRIDES in 2017, but I’m also going to make a concerted effort to publish more original content (much of it focused on DIY brides and grooms). So make sure to bookmark my page and come back regularly. Also, don’t forget to check out my podcast “Wedding Reality Check with Sandy Malone.” I’m doing all sorts of useful interviews with vendors, in addition to giving my regular tips and advice, so it’s well worth following me on iTunes or iHeart radio(more…)

5 Things Couples Should Know Before They Start Wedding Planning – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


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Knowing the things that are in my BRIDES blog will make any bride and groom’s life easier as they start to plan their wedding. Some of it is obvious stuff – or at least it should be. Time is money. The world doesn’t actually stop, and start revolving around you, when you put on the engagement ring. 

I don’t mean to sound so terribly snarky – I actually want to help. Read my blog with five things that all couples should know before they start wedding planning, and see if you don’t find some of this advice helpful as you get farther into the process.

Good luck and happy wedding planning from Sandy Malone Weddings & Events!

A Totally Pinterest-Worthy Destination Wedding Invitation


I’ve seen all different kinds of destination wedding invitations over the years, but once in awhile, something so awesomely creative crosses my desk that I have to stop what I’m doing and write about it.

Caroline and Jeremy created these fantastic passport invitations, with boarding pass RSVP cards, for their Puerto Rico destination wedding.
Caroline and Jeremy created these fantastic passport invitations, with boarding pass RSVP cards, for their Puerto Rico destination wedding.

Today, I’m giving a shout-out and mad kudos to Caroline and Jeremy, of Washington, DC., on their travel-themed packet that included the invitation and travel information in a personalized passport, and the RSVP card in the form of a plane ticket. With a tear-off on the boarding pass that gives wedding guests a bar code to scan to get to the couple’s wedding website! Seriously clever on so many levels.

The pages of the passport include information about travel and accommodations, and the itinerary for their wedding weekend, to help guests plan their own vacations on either side of the wedding weekend.

Obviously, this invitation was professionally produced, and to have this level of quality (you’d seriously think it was a real passport if you just saw it sitting there), you’d have to send it to a printer. But for the DIY bride and groom who have enough time to mess with it, you could certainly make something similar on your own. (more…)

DIY Wedding Projects You Should Hire a Pro to Do – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


You know I’m an advocate of planning your own wedding. I just strongly believe that you should hire professionals to execute certain parts of your big day because they’re too time-consuming and stressful to deal with on your own wedding day.

Check out my blog in BRIDES with a list of three things that you shouldn’t try to do – no matter where you’re getting married – if you want to be able to say you enjoyed your wedding experience. Remember, DIY doesn’t mean do it ALL yourself – it just means you’ve taken control of the master plan. (more…)

Fabulous Review of Sandy’s DIY Wedding Planning Book in BRIDES


I’m SO freakin excited about this fabulous review by Elizabeth Mitchell in BRIDES! She says my destination wedding planning guide is a MUST READ for all DIY couples, and that all my checklists and sample schedules make the book worth it, even if you don’t read it cover to cover (although you totally should… because it’s hilarious).

“It gives you tons of templates you seriously can’t afford to plan without
One of the best parts of this book? All the example templates and schedules Sandy provides for her own destination brides. And we’re talking detailed examples at that, which is so incredibly helpful when you have no idea what you’re doing and trying to plan a wedding from a thousand miles away. From packing and supplies lists to schedules for your vendors and wedding party, she’s got it all (and a lot of stuff on each list/schedule that you probably haven’t even thought of but is oh so crucial). Seriously, it’s worth buying the book simply for these alone.”

My book is available everywhere books are sold, so you should order your copy now! The HuffPost review said it’s good for planning weddings at home or away, and a great guide for event planning in general. Find it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble! And it makes a great gift for newly engaged couples!

Good luck and happy wedding planning from Sandy Malone Weddings & Events!

Don’t Let Fall Weather Screw Your Wedding Plans – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


Are you getting married in the autumn, someplace the weather can be unpredictable?

Oh wait, the weather in the fall is pretty confusing everywhere! That means you have to plan for pretty much any eventuality to ensure your wedding guests will be comfortable on your big day. You don’t want to be miserable either! (more…)

5 DIY Tips for Letting a Friend Officiate Your Wedding – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


It’s all the rage to have a friend officiate your wedding ceremony, instead of a minister or some random guy you’ve never met that charges a fee. But if you don’t plan the ceremony out for them, it might not be exactly what you had in mind for your big day.

Check out my BRIDES blog with five tips for having a friend be your officiant – especially you DIY brides and grooms, because you won’t have a wedding planner there to unfuck things if you don’t plan it all out ahead. (more…)

Another Great Endorsement of Sandy’s DIY Wedding Planning Book by an Industry Pro


I’ve always been an admirer of Lisa, famous for her “A Bride on a Budget” blogs. Probably because they go so nicely with my philosophy that it’s possible to have a gorgeous wedding without spending a zillion dollars. And because I was the original DIY bride for my own destination wedding, long before I became a professional wedding planner. (more…)

New “Wedding Reality Check” Podcast – Back Off Mom, This Isn’t Your Wedding!


While your mom can be the best advocate you have during your wedding planning, you also have to remember that she sort got screwed when it came to getting to plan your wedding. Times have changed, and when she got married, her parents planned her wedding. Now brides and grooms want to do the bulk of their own planning!

Download and listen to my newest podcast today on “Wedding Reality Check with Sandy Malone” and consider how to include your mom and manage her expectations at the same time! Subscribe to the podcast series for new wedding advice every Tuesday and Wednesday! (more…)

How to Plan a Wedding in 90 Days – Sandy’s Blog on


Ready, set, go!!!

No, having only 90 days to plan a wedding isn’t ideal, but it’s completely doable if you approach it in an organized, enthusiastic manner. Check out my timeline blog on and figure out what you’d need to do to make your whole wedding happen in just three months! (more…)

5 Questions to Ask AND Answer before You Lock In a Wedding Destination – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


Happy New Year!

Did you get engaged over the holidays and you’re moving ahead full steam on your wedding planning? Before you start signing contracts with non-refundable deposits and find yourself stuck doing something that might not have been the best idea, take a minute and read my BRIDES blog with questions to consider before choosing your wedding destination. (more…)

Tips for Helping the Mother of the Bride Make a Perfect Toast – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


How to Get Your Mom’s Wedding Planning Help without Her Taking Over – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


Hi there brides!!!

Sometimes a mom can get a little over-excited when she’s helping plan her daughter’s wedding. If the bride wants to plan it herself, things can get dicey. Especially when mom feels like she got screwed out of wedding planning because her own parents planned her wedding and she always thought she would plan her daughter’s wedding some day. Check out my BRIDES blog with some advice on how to handle things so nobody’s feelings get hurt. (more…)