5 Things Couples Should Know Before They Start Wedding Planning – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


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Knowing the things that are in my BRIDES blog will make any bride and groom’s life easier as they start to plan their wedding. Some of it is obvious stuff – or at least it should be. Time is money. The world doesn’t actually stop, and start revolving around you, when you put on the engagement ring. 

I don’t mean to sound so terribly snarky – I actually want to help. Read my blog with five things that all couples should know before they start wedding planning, and see if you don’t find some of this advice helpful as you get farther into the process.

Good luck and happy wedding planning from Sandy Malone Weddings & Events!

Pre-Marital Counseling Gives Couples a Leg Up, According to Marriage Boot Camp’s Elizabeth Carroll – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


Look, I own it when I’ve been wrong. And this is one of those times.

I’ve been snarky for years (privately, of course) about couples who went to relationship counseling before they got married. My philosophy? If you can’t get your sh*% together without help before you get married, you probably shouldn’t be getting married.

Turns out, I was wrong. (more…)

Music That Doesn’t Belong on your Wedding Reception Playlist – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


Yes, it’s your wedding day. No, nobody can tell you what you cannot have on that day. So technically speaking, if you want to make your grand entrance to 2Live Crew’s “Me So Horny,” that’s your prerogative. Keeping that in mind, there are some genres of music that are really more appropriate at your after-party than on your dance floor. (more…)

DIY Wedding Projects You Should Hire a Pro to Do – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


You know I’m an advocate of planning your own wedding. I just strongly believe that you should hire professionals to execute certain parts of your big day because they’re too time-consuming and stressful to deal with on your own wedding day.

Check out my blog in BRIDES with a list of three things that you shouldn’t try to do – no matter where you’re getting married – if you want to be able to say you enjoyed your wedding experience. Remember, DIY doesn’t mean do it ALL yourself – it just means you’ve taken control of the master plan. (more…)

Fabulous Review of Sandy’s DIY Wedding Planning Book in BRIDES


I’m SO freakin excited about this fabulous review by Elizabeth Mitchell in BRIDES! She says my destination wedding planning guide is a MUST READ for all DIY couples, and that all my checklists and sample schedules make the book worth it, even if you don’t read it cover to cover (although you totally should… because it’s hilarious).

“It gives you tons of templates you seriously can’t afford to plan without
One of the best parts of this book? All the example templates and schedules Sandy provides for her own destination brides. And we’re talking detailed examples at that, which is so incredibly helpful when you have no idea what you’re doing and trying to plan a wedding from a thousand miles away. From packing and supplies lists to schedules for your vendors and wedding party, she’s got it all (and a lot of stuff on each list/schedule that you probably haven’t even thought of but is oh so crucial). Seriously, it’s worth buying the book simply for these alone.”

My book is available everywhere books are sold, so you should order your copy now! The HuffPost review said it’s good for planning weddings at home or away, and a great guide for event planning in general. Find it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble! And it makes a great gift for newly engaged couples!

Good luck and happy wedding planning from Sandy Malone Weddings & Events!

Don’t Let Fall Weather Screw Your Wedding Plans – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


Are you getting married in the autumn, someplace the weather can be unpredictable?

Oh wait, the weather in the fall is pretty confusing everywhere! That means you have to plan for pretty much any eventuality to ensure your wedding guests will be comfortable on your big day. You don’t want to be miserable either! (more…)

5 DIY Tips for Letting a Friend Officiate Your Wedding – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


It’s all the rage to have a friend officiate your wedding ceremony, instead of a minister or some random guy you’ve never met that charges a fee. But if you don’t plan the ceremony out for them, it might not be exactly what you had in mind for your big day.

Check out my BRIDES blog with five tips for having a friend be your officiant – especially you DIY brides and grooms, because you won’t have a wedding planner there to unfuck things if you don’t plan it all out ahead. (more…)

What Wedding Guests Hate – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


You might wonder why I consider myself an expert on wedding guests satisfaction – or in this case, dissatisfaction. In truth, my knowledge comes entirely from feedback I’ve received, and conversations I’ve overheard, at the more than 500 weddings I’ve planned.

Sure, there are people who nitpick. But most of the time, we hear the same complaints from guests, over and over again. I warn my brides and grooms about those potential pitfalls when we’re planning together, but that doesn’t stop some couples from repeating the mistakes of others. (more…)

5 Things Mom Should Have for Her Daughter’s Wedding – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


The Mother of the Bride is a VIP at her daughter’s wedding, but she still has to be a mom. Who else will know the bride’s tummy tends to go funny on stressful days, or that she gets DANGEROUSLY grumpy when her blood sugar gets low. You can’t count on the bridesmaids that day – they’re drinking mimosas with the brides. (more…)

What You Should Know About Your Responsibility for Your Wedding Guests – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


Hi there!

Most brides and grooms don’t think about the responsibility they have for the way that everybody they invite to their wedding behaves at the main event! But “accidents happen” on a regular basis, and that’s why most venues (and many wedding vendors) require clients to sign a damage and liability agreement as part of the contractual process.

Check out my BRIDES blog today for a breakdown of what you can expect to see in your own wedding contracts, and a little reality check for any of the couples out there who didn’t realize that they’d better use good judgement when they make up their guests’ lists.

Good luck, and happy wedding planning!

Thou Shalt Not! 4 Things Wedding Guests Shouldn’t Do – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


Summer is almost here!

Everybody knows that summer is a popular time for weddings – the legend of the “June bride” is no myth. But there are some things that wedding guests have been known to do during the hot weather that nobody would ever dream of doing other times of year. And just because you can do them, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. (more…)

How Many Times Should You Confirm Wedding Vendors? – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


I’d say that you can’t confirm your vendors too many times, but you don’t want to aggravate them to the point where they’re not excited to work hard for your wedding. With that said, you do need to confirm EVERYBODY several times in order to ensure that all of your vendors are where they’re supposed to be, when they’re supposed to be there. (more…)

Primer on Who Gets to Bring a Plus-One to Your Wedding – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


It’s #MannersMonday! And that means a good dose of wediquette about something that’s a problem for lots of brides and grooms. Your single friends don’t like to go stag to weddings, but can you afford to let EVERYBODY invite somebody random to attend your most important day? (more…)

Consider Cost of Travel for Destination Wedding Guests on the Front End — Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES


Most destination weddings don’t actually cost your guests any more than it would cost any out-of-town guest to travel to a wedding in your hometown. But it’s important to research it before you lock in your venue contract and start sending invitations! Check out my BRIDES blog today for some tips! (more…)

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